The Beginning of the Snowdome

The Snowdome was born in the Exposition Universelle of 1889.

Innovative Parisian Craftsmen encapsulated the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Exposition Universelle, in a small glass ball the size of palm of hand.

These cute ornaments made Eiffel Tower as popular figure of Paris and spread love all lover the world.

Collection of Our Museum

A Snow globe sold exclusively at US Starbucks in around 1999.
The motif is the first Starbucks opened in 1971
at Pike Place Market,Seattle.
Size: approx. 160mm (approx. glass diameter 120mm)
A Perfume snow globe of fashion label “Jean Paul Gaultier”.
When you press the button, the perfume will come out from the hole on front.
Its contradiction is interesting that more use it as perfume, it loses its
function as snow globe. Size: approx. 72mm
A snow globe that appeared in the movie “The Big Blue”.
When its shaken, the dolphin on seesaw will move.
Size: approx. 110mm
The motif is the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”.
This is valuable item with serial number that produced
only 10,000 pieces worldwide in 1999.
Also contains music box function.
(You guessed it, the song is “Yellow Submarine”!)
Size: approx. 130mm

Store in the Snowdome Museum

In addition to the exhibitions, the Snowdome Museum also sells Snowdomes.

You can take a look at the high quality and lovely Snowdomes recommended by the museum. These are perfect choices of gifts for your loved ones.

About Wholesale on Snowdomes

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