Snowdome, that gently marks time in a corner of your heart.

The history of Snowdomes is surprising old, that they are first created at the Exposition Universelle in 1889.

Since then, Snowdomes have continued to hold the memories of people all over the world.

People and cityscapes inside the transparent glass dome.
Slowly falling snow.
It’s mysterious microcosm that makes you feel relaxed and clam.

Through this microcosm, we hope to share with as many people as possible the joy of having a hobby and
We hope that through with this microcosm, we are able to share you the joy of having hobby, creations and find peace of mind.

With the support and cooperation of our members
With the support and cooperation of our fellow members, we are able to continue our modest activities as non-profit organization.

We temporary become gods by let it snowing.
When the snow dances, time is born.
When the snow stops falling quietly, “Transient and Eternity” become synchronized as existence.

Eternal now" is covered with a fragile, transparent glass.
What continues weave the “everlasting moment” that covered with ephemeral and delicate transparent glass is a warm heart and thoughtfulness.

A Snowdome… is a time capsule weaves time from the past to future that enclose “everlasting moment”.

Snowdome and Angel Rings

There are small bubbles in the Snowdome.
Sometimes there are small air bubbles in Snowdome and these bubbles may grow a little over time.
In our museum, we call these air bubbles angel rings or gift from angels.

Whether you look at it from above or from the side, it’s truly a shape of ring of angels…
By gazing at the small world where snow dances in the number of your memories…
The feelings keep on falling further…
The angel ring descends as a gift from the angels.
As if they are blessing the time spent together…