We can produce original Snowdomes from one piece.

The Japan Snowdome Association has produced many original Snowdomes in the past.
Our products range from corporate gifts to personal memorial gifts.
(Such as for marriage, school entrance, graduations, childbirth and more!)

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you to create one and only Snowdome in world.

PERZY, Snowdome Museum, and Japan Snowdome Association.

PERZY is the world’s longest-established Snowdome manufacture founded in Vienna, Austria in 1900.

Some of special features include such as
(1) Melted snow water from Alps are used for water of Snowdome.
(2) Special snow powders are used in Snowdome that been handed from Erwin Peruzzi to present generation.
(3) The design of Snowdome is based on European motifs, such as the mountain hut that appears in the opening scene of the movie "Citizen Kane," the famous pilgrimage church of Mariazell, the Vienna Ferris wheel and more.

PERZY and the Japan Snowdome Association have been in exchange since opening of Snowdome Museum.

After that Erwin Perzy III visited to Museum every year and he’s donated an original Snowdome with flags of both countries, logos of both organizations, and metal memorial plate as a token of his love and friendship.

This Snowdome still serves as the symbol of the Snowdome Museum Japan Snowdome Association.

This friendly relationship between two organizations has now developed further and we are only organization that allowed to produce Snowdomes that include original motifs from other companies. This is the first time in the more than 100 years of PERZY’s history.

As a result, official Snowdomes from Mastermind Japan, Godzilla, Porter has been created.

PERZY, the Snowdome Museum, and the Japan Snowdome Association will continue to work together for the development of the world's Snowdome